Behind the brand and the designs of this small Munich company, founded in 2005, is the architect Ute Linck-Borys.


To design buildings, you have to have a special sense for proportions, shapes and volumes, and of course the statics must be considered – these abilities Ute Linck-Borys can also use well in the development of your products!



The product line made of felt (since 2005) includes shoppers and messenger bags as well as smartphone cases or felt slippers. In particular, wool felts are used, but also new developments such as e.g. a PET felt made from recycled plastic bottles. For the “Alpine Lifestyle” linckx.® offers robust backpacks and sweet dirndl bags, which can be printed on request and embroidered with ibex, deer and other traditional motifs.

The sporty Canvas Collection (since 2006) consists of backpacks, messenger bags and bicycle bags made of water repellent canvas or nylon / cordura.


The stylish and sustainable like paper bags have been added to the range since 2015 – these bags, purses and pouches are made of “Zell.Stoff”, a paper-like, water-resistant and washable mix of cellulose and latex. These products are – as well as the material “Zell.Stoff” – exclusively made in Germany (here it goes to the homepage


linckx.® stands for clear design as well as high quality workmanship and sophisticated functionality – all 100% made in Germany!

… and where does the name come from?

We quite often hear this question 🙂 Ute Linck-Borys added an “x” to her surname Linck (before her marriage), which stands for “linck’s”, meaning “linck’s Taschen” or “linck’ s workshop “.
Since 2001, the designer owns the domain, since 2005 linckx.® is registered as a trademark.


“100% made in Germany” … we can guarantee this for all products with a clear conscience: they are mainly made by hand in sewing plants in Saxony as well as in a sheltered workshop in Kiel. The other part of the products and the prototypes are made in our Munich factory, as well as the screen and stencil prints, which give the products their very own character.

With production in Germany, we ensure short communication and transport routes, which allows great flexibility.


Environmental compatibility

The short transport distances save CO² emissions. In addition, we dispense with the products on individual outer packaging made of cardboard or plastic sleeves. For shipping, we use only used boxes, which come from stores in the neighborhood and are used several times.

Our Studio

For our studio we source green electricity from Stadtwerke München. At Gewerbehof Giesing (operator is the MGH Munich) is installed a photovoltaic system, and since November 10, 2016, the MGH (Munich Gewerbehof- and Technology Center mbH) is certified with the ÖKOPROFIT certificate.


Online Presence

Our provider for all websites is 1 & 1 IONOS. There, they rely on efficient data center infrastructure such as electricity and air conditioning with minimal consumption in order to avoid unnecessary energy losses. In Germany, 1 & 1 IONOS obtains its entire electricity from renewable energies, without trade in certificates. The production and disposal chains also consistently focus on sustainability in Germany. For all data centers and office buildings in Germany, only green electricity is sourced from a German provider of sustainable energy. Here’s more info on this topic at 1 & 1 IONOS.


Business Trips

We avoid unnecessary business trips and we use the train as the preferred means of travel for our trade fair participations.


Trade Shows

For about 2 years, we no longer use carpets for our exhibition stands: this is a tremendous waste of material, as the carpets are usually laid for one event only and then disposed of. The floors in the exhibition halls are often battered and not pretty, but that has something of “industrial chic”! We can observe this trend with other exhibitors and find this very positive.


„Fair Trade“

Our products are manufactured under fair conditions, and all companies and individuals involved in manufacturing are paid fairly and appropriately for their work. Also, as far as suppliers of ingredients and accessories are concerned, we do the utmost to ensure this.



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Further information on the materials can be found in the individual collections.