The Material – which we call Zell.Stoff – is composed of cellulose and latex, and is produced in Germany. It´s tearproof, water-resistant and even washable. Zell.Stoff is 100 % vegan and doesn´t contain Pentachlorphenol, PVC or BPA. It is not made of recycled fibres (the problem with recycled materials is that you don´t get any certificate because the ingredients cannot be exactly derfined).

The material has an Ökotex-100-Certifikate, it is not dangerous to health or environment.

These products are very durable and they are doing very well in everyday use!


We usually use Zell.Stoff in 0.55 mm thickness.

From May 2019 we offer the new Zell.Stoff variant “elephant skin” in colour chocolate: it is already “pre-wrinkled” and therefore much softer, but just as durable as the smooth version. The look is even more like leather, or like elephant skin:

chocolate vintage    anthracite vintage


The material is very tear-resistant and, above all, water-resistant due to the latex content. Before processing, it is quite hard and smooth, after manufacturing, for the products that have to be turned after sewing, it has the paper-like wrinkle look. It becomes softer and leatherier when used. It does not freak out, pill or fray.

Zell.Stoff  doesn´t dissolve when it gets wet. On the contrary, it becomes even more tearproof when wet! Contact with water, like in rain or snow, doesn´t harm the products at all. There will be water spots that dry out without leaving stains. The material is not waterproof, meaning that if you keep it under water for hours, it will soak up after some time. But this means for the bags that a normal downpour is not enough to get moisture inside the bags!

For small soiling it often helps to clean the spot with a soft sponge or cloth and soap, and rinse with clear water. But if something leaks out in the bag or other “accidents” happen, you can also wash them in the machine – just wash with the coloreds at 40 ° C. In worse cases sometimes goes up to 60 °.

In use, the Zell.Stoff gets more and more wrinkles and gets softer, more greasy and leathery. The life of the products is a few years, depending on the type and frequency of use.