Wool felt is a growing raw material and therefore very environment-friendly. In addition to this, it has great qualities like being water-repellent, breathing, and warming.

Our felt qualities
  • Pure wool felt, 3mm thick (100% sheep wool, dyed with textile colours Ökotex Standard 100). These are our „classic“ wool felts. They have a soft touch, and they are very solid and thick. Also they don´t pill at all.

  • Natural wool felt, made of 90% wool and 10% viskose (=cell fibres). They are not dyed and available in the natural hues grey melange, beige melange and dark melange. These felts are thick and robust, and they have a natural, slightly rough touch. They have enclosures of grass and plant fibres – that´s because the sheep are moving through meadows and along trees (for the more expensive pure wool felt, these leftovers are removed elaborately from the wool, which is the reason fort he difference in price). The natural felt can also contain coloured spots, these are the leftovers from the colour that the shepherds use for marking their flocks.

  • Wool felt mix, made of 90% wool and 10% polyester, 3 mm thick. These felts are lighter and their surface feels more rough. They also don´t pill.

  • PET felt, made of recycled plastic bottles (100% Polyethylene/ PET), approx. 4mm thick. It is very solid and thick, and even machine washable without shrinking or deforming – we tested it! But it may sometimes pill, you can remove the fuzzes carefully with a razor blade.

Felt Colours

In our webshop you´ll find the felt colours that are available fort he different products. The look oft he colour on our photo may differ from the original, though. We gladly send you samples of the felt you want to see! Please note: since felt is a natural material, the colours may vary from batch to batch.


If your felt bag should have a stain, you can remove it with soap foam: mix water and soap, twirl it until it gets foamy, and then rub off the stain carefully with a soft cloth. Another way ist o rub it with vinegar water.

The PET felt is impervious to water and can be machine washed without shrinking or deforming.

Water Contact

All wool felts are water resistant, due to the fat included in the wool. Since it makes water drip off initially, in rain or snow nothing will happen to your felt bag. The felt doesn´t soak with water but the water stays on the surface and dries off with the time. But in no case should you put the bag in running water for a longer period of time, or wash it in the washing machine, because it will soak with water, lose its shape and shrink with drying! Always remember: you wouldn´t put a leather bag into running water or straight into pouring rain, would you?

This doesn´t apply to the PET felt, see above.