The fabrics we use for the outside are 100% cotton, water-, dirt- and grease-repellent. Please note that these fabrics don´t have anything to do with the fabrics used for sailing, they are originally made for tents. The material is water-resistant, but not waterproof like e.g. plastic tarps. It has a much nicer touch and doesn´t feel as cold and hard as a plastic tarp, but it needs a bit more care.
The impregnation will fade with use and also through washing, but you can renew it with a usual textile impregnating spray.


Cordura/ Nylon

We offer all models in a Cordura/ Nylon variant (you´ll find the exact material information in the product description in our webshop). These fabrics are waterproof (through inner coating) tearproof and very robust.



We mainly use fabrics out of 100% cotton and partly cotton-mix-fabrics, most of them with a Ökotex 100 certificate. If you like to have more exact information on this, please contact us.
Fabric “patterns”: Designed by Ute Linck Borys, based on a digitally alienated architectural photography. The photos were taken at Park Village Unterföhring (close to Munich), a projekt of Dutch architectural office MVRDV. Limited edition, the single bags are numbered.


Choice of Colours

The choice of colours is indicated in the webshop for everey single model. We gladly send you colour/ fabric samples for information!



You can wash the bags at 40 ° with coloured laundry. If the inside is very dirty, you should turn the bag inside out, don´t whiz! Tear it to straighten it after washing, then you can iron it (from the outside, highest temperature). Don´t touch the straps whith the iron!

The “lnx” Logo…

… is the shortcut of “linckx.” that we hand-print on the front of the bag. This screen print doesn´t get damaged by washing the bag, but we found that the print fades a bit by the time through the rubbing when it´s in use, which end up in a kind of vintage look that´s quite cool…

For the screen print we only use solvent-free water-based textile colours.