Light, flexible and waterproof!

Slack, sportive backpacvks, messenger and bike bags, made of water-resistant canvas or waterproof nylon/ cordura.
They can all be extended in height, if you need more space. The “MultiPack” bags can be changed into a backpack.

ELLIPSE   Messenger Bag     

Extraordinary design, with the ellipse-shaped aperture that shows the colour of the lining! It is closed by a flexible band that´s put around the back of the bag. Extensible in height.

MultiPack  Messenger Bag/ Backpack

The MP.03 can be extended in height with the flexible buckle, and it can be changed into a backpack by pulling the strap through the loop on the backside.

TRAPEZ   messenger bag

The name comes from the trapeze-shaped flap that can be fixed in two different heights with a magnetic button.

Information on fabrics

A note for our retailers: the CANVAS COLLECTION bags haven´t been available in wholesale since August 2015, but we are currently working on a relaunch, the new collection will be presented here!