Fanny Pack with a flat extra compartment inside, flap with turning button. With the wide textile strap in cotton look it can be carried on the hips or cross body. “MatMix” means that the body is made of felt, the flap is made of water- and tearproof “Zell.Stoff”. Size S   25/28 x 16 (H) x 6 cm

Natural wool felt 2mm (undyed, 90% wool 10% cell fibres), nature melange (hues may vary)
or merino wool felt 2mm, grey melange
“Zell.Stoff” (mix of cellulose and latex), colours see below
Strap 40mm, 80% PES-VI 20% PP in cotton look, colours: brown -TxBr, grey -TxGr, black -TxSc

Item n°   fmx.28S  -1 sand/ -2 khaki/ -3 chocolate/ -4 anthracite/ -5 stone

We can also manufacture CARRIE.S entirely out of wool felt

Item n°  flz.28S.1 grey melange     flz.28S.2 nature melange

Please note: Model CARRIE “MatMix” is available in three sizes: a small bum bag, a medium size, and a large messenger bag.